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Smart sustainable mobility. A user-friendly transport system is a combination of intelligence, low carbon energy, and adaptable services

Tekijät: Nylund, Nils-Olof; Belloni, Kaisa (eds.)
VTT Visions  : 5
VTT, Espoo, 2014. 72 p.
Asiasanat: intelligent transport systems, smart mobility, mobility as a service, cooperative systems, low-carbon mobility, biofuels, electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, foresight
ISBN 978-951-38-8274-7 (Soft back ed.) 978-951-38-8275-4 (PDF)

Imagine a world in which people and goods can move with minimum impact on the local environment and climate. Imagine an intelligent transport system with smart infrastructure and smart, connected vehicles powered predominantly by renewable energy, and with enlightened end-users: private individuals and enterprises. Imagine a system that is actually based on user demand. That is what we would like to see.
To put mobility and transport on the track to sustainability, we have to improve energy efficiency, switch to renewable energy and more efficient modes of mobility, and, most importantly, increase smartness at all levels of the system. In practice, the last point means smart and efficient mobility services, cooperative systems, and intelligent vehicles and infrastructure.
VTT has a toolbox and the expertise to tackle all the key challenges of smart low-carbon mobility. And, to really make an impact, we are cooperating with all the key stakeholders in the field. Let us re-invent mobility and co-create a better future together!