Baltic Marine Environment Database
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Content: Database contains references to research reports, journal articles and conference proceedings published in Baltic Sea states and elsewhere. The main stress is on the Baltic Sea protection litterature other subjects being ecology, ecotoxicology, aquatic sciences, fishing and marine community studies. The collecting of references is coordinated by Helsinki Commission. References are provided with keywords. Indexing is done with ASFA thesaurus (since 1986). Since 1990 most of the references include also abstract in English. Database contains currrently over 13 000 references.
Time span:1970 to date.
Updating:Periodically, as new data becomes available.

Description of fields (most important fields)
NB! It is possible to search contents of all fields in Free Search -field by using the syntax given in examples below.

TagTypeContentSearch example
TITextTitle and English translationti=pollution
SPPhraseSource publication: magazinesp=ambio
SMTextSource publication: monographsm=*
SOPhraseSerial titleso=*
CSPhraseInstitution namecs=helcom
PTPhrasePublishing placept=helsinki
PYIntegerPublishing yearpy>=1990
CCPhraseASFA-codes (subject headings)cc=2445
CWPhraseASFA keywordscw=migrations
FTPhraseFree termsft=seals
LAPhraseLanguage code (ISO standard)la=fin
LSPhraseLanguage of the abstractls=eng
SCYPhraseSending countryscy=pl
EDDateEntry dateed>1994-12

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