NordGuide   A directory of databases in the Nordic Countries

Content: The criteria for selecting a database for the directory are as follows:
  • it has been produced in a Nordic country or is available through a Nordic online service
  • it is available online through telecommunication networks or direct dialling
  • it is available to the public
Some portable databases available either on CD-ROM or on diskettes are also included.
Size:Ca. 850 references
Updating:Periodically, as new data becomes available.

Description of fields

N.B. It is possible to search contents of all fields by writing to Search all fields the field tag with equal to sign and then the search term, i.e. "T208=Telia", which retrieves information on all those databases of which "Telia" is the heading organisation.

T001 Control number of database
T020 Date of first entry
T030 Date of update
T099 Preferred name of database
T100 Nordic name of database
T101 Abbreviated name of database
T102 Previous name of database
T103 English name of database
T105 Master database name in Nordic language
T108 Subdatabases
T109 Type of database
T139 Main subjects(max. 3 terms)
T140Keywords in Nordic language
T141 Keywords in English
T122 Geographic coverage of database
T131 Language of database
T145Description of database in English
T146Description of database in Nordic language
T120 Total size of database
T111Annual growth of database
T121 Updating frequency of database
T110 Time span of contents
T150 Availability media
T153URL address of database
T154Other electronic address of database
T218Date of producer update
T200 Producer name in Nordic language
T201 Producer name in English
T202Producer name in other national language (Swedish in Finland)
T203 Abbreviated name of producer
T205Department or division in Nordic language
T206Deptartment or division in English
T208Heading organisation
T209 Street address or P.O.Box of producer
T210 Zip code and city of producer (in capital letters)
T211 Country of producer
T217 URL address of producer
T212 Telephone number (+ country code)
T214 Telefax number (+ country code)
T215 E-mail address of producer
T216Contact person of database
T219E-mail address of contact person of database
T530Date of host update
T500 Host name in Nordic language
T501Host name in English
T502Abbreviated name of host
T504Host name in other national language (Swedish in Finland)
T505 Street address or P.O.Box of host
T506 Zip code and city of host (in capital letters)
T507 Country of host
T517URL address of host
T508Telephone number (+country code)
T510 Telefax number (+ country code)
T511 E-mail address of contact person of database
T512Contact person of database
T513E-mail address of host
T514Search software name
T515Command language of database
T516Conditions of database
T519Services of host
T522Connection to host

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